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Yes, you should be on social media, but first…

“Should we be on social media?” is a question we’re often asked by clients who are considering dipping their toes into a new channel. “Is it worth it?” they wonder. Like most questions in life, our answer is “yes, but…”. Content marketing—and through it, social media—is a fundamental brand-building [...]

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Megan’s on a podcast!

Megan was a guest on the OWN IT podcast with Christy Hiler. She talked about being in the tiny percentage of female-owned agencies and offered some great advice for other underrepresented people in the world of agency ownership. Take a listen

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YouTube SEO: How to Rank YouTube Videos in 2023 – Guest Post

Note: The following is a guest post from our friends at Breadnbeyond. YouTube gets more and more popular year after year. Although there have been competitors like TikTok and Instagram, YouTube remains the most significant video-based platform today. It has generated 2.1 million active users as of 2022. That’s [...]

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How to improve company culture: Start with an evaluation of the one you already have.

The culture of an organization is foundational to its success. The benefits of a healthy, high performing and tightly aligned internal culture are invaluable. Employees are more engaged. Performance is improved. Productivity is higher. The company grows. Revenue increases. Everyone is happy. But how do you know if the values [...]

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How six “failures” created business success

Over the course of running a business for 23 years, a funny thing happens. One day you look back in time and there’s clarity. Clarity about successes but also about what some might call failures. Much has been written about “failing fast” in business. I agree you need to [...]

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