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How six “failures” created business success

Over the course of running a business for 23 years, a funny thing happens. One day you look back in time and there’s clarity. Clarity about successes but also about what some might call failures. Much has been written about “failing fast” in business. I agree you need to [...]

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Say this, not that

9 examples of using data insights to connect with customers In our recent research paper we used data from the Resonate Ignite Platform to pull a Personal Values Report on people who do their banking in different places. The goal of that paper was to help bank marketers learn [...]

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Tearing off the Roof

For 22 years, d.trio has been a smart, nimble, and forward-thinking agency. Over those years, we have reinvented our brand several times as we shifted our business focus to embrace new channels, technologies, information, and strategies. Running a small business is much like owning a home—you do the maintenance to [...]

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Empathy for the invested: creative and emotion

Something very exciting is happening at d.trio. Possibly one of the most interesting things that can happen to a designer or creative director inside their own creative or marketing agency. I can’t tell you what it is yet, and that’s hard for me. One of my myriad quirks is that [...]

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How to lose a sale with marketing automation

We generally like to focus on the positive around here, but we just couldn’t let this case of marketing automation gone wrong go without sharing it. Because as painful as it was, we all got a few laughs from it. Maybe you will too. Marketing automation, as you know, is [...]

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