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Marketing for Pride

As June Pride month hits mid-point, rainbow designs are everywhere as brands attempt to demonstrate their support for the LGBTQIA+ community. The rainbow designs are seen on company logos, social media pages, advertising, apparel, food packaging, promotional items, make-up palettes and everything in between. Anyone who works in a creative [...]

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6 reasons to find a creative hobby

Those of us who work in marketing know it’s an interesting, fast-paced, challenging, and mostly fun industry to work in. We’re always learning and solving problems. We get to influence business and culture and express our creativity in a bunch of ways. And we get to meet and collaborate [...]

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6 tips for naming (or renaming) your product or company

(May also be helpful when choosing a baby name) Creating something new by carving away at infinite possibilities in your own unique way can be fun—especially for a creative type like me. And when that creation is something as important as a company or product name it can be that [...]

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A day in the life of a keyword

There are approximately 7,853,934 articles on the internet about SEO. (I actually have no idea how many there are… I just made that up.) I’m sure they’re all very helpful, to some degree or another, for understanding how SEO works. But I wanted to come at it from another angle—from [...]

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What are the 3 primary keys to great project management?

Queries & Theories - Series 2 : Volume 4. We all those friends—the ones that bring casual mentions of something we should do and turn them into something we actually do. For example, “we should try that new restaurant sometime” from a dreamer type becomes “we have reservations on Friday” [...]

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7 Tips for Reaching Your Niche Audience

Do you make a product for a very specific purpose? Do you offer a service that solves a very specific problem? Congratulations! That should make your marketing a lot easier, and your success is almost guaranteed! Wait. What? You’ve still got a bunch of competitors? Your product or service is [...]

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Devine Intervention

Last month we told you about Megan’s new video series, Devine Intervention, where she addresses a variety of marketing topics in quick, easy, digestible tidbits. If you missed them on LinkedIn, check ‘em out here.

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