By Published On: December 29, 2023

We had quite the year here at cat&tonic. We learned a lot, pushed ourselves to do new things, got out of our comfort zones, and worked to nudge the status quo out the door.

With all that behind us, we thought we’d share some of the wisdom we gained through a year of embracing change:


Thinking is good, acting is better. If there’s something you’ve been thinking about doing or changing, don’t wait. The time is now.


There is power in getting out of your own way. If you can eliminate self-limiting beliefs, the opportunities are endless.


Be kind to yourself. Relax every now and again so you can be at your best when it’s time to kick things up.


When you recognize “something’s wrong” you may need to dig deeper to fix it. Problems on the surface often have long tendrils of experience and emotion under them, connected to the past.


Believe, without a doubt, that you can do anything you set your mind to. It’s the best way to overcome imposter syndrome.


Don’t be afraid to try new things even if they might not get the results you seek. No matter what, you’ll always learn something.


Take risks. It’s the only way to grow. Taking risks promotes creative thinking and disconnects autopilot.


Confidence creates trust. If you don’t believe yourself, it will be hard for others to believe and trust you.


Reframing is a great tool to stay positive. Even if you’re delivering bad news, having hard conversations or something else potentially negative, if you visualize a potential positive.


Enter professional relationships with a consultative mindset. Collaboration is rewarding and builds strong relationships. Remain curious and share new ideas regularly.

About the Author: Megan Devine

Megan Devine
Megan taps into her left-brain logic and right brain creativity—steering the business, bantering with her team, and strategizing on client work. She says it’s her dream job and we believe her. Using her passion and knack for understanding complex connections in business and marketing, she collaborates to create love between brands and customers. She possesses expertise and experience that only comes from persevering in the ever-changing marketing agency world. Megan co-founded d.trio marketing group, now cat&tonic, in January of 2000 and took sole ownership in 2019. Her vision, support, and sheer stubbornness got us through 9/11, the great recession, and a pandemic. She has judged the International ECHO Awards since 2005, has consulted for several organizations, and serves on several boards. Educated at Carleton College, she learned the importance of critical thinking for success. At home she learned the value of a good story.
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