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Welcome to cat&tonic. We’re a creative, branding, and marketing agency. We don’t know you (yet). But we know you arrived here with purpose and hope. Needing a simple solution to a complicated problem. A quick fix and a long-term strategy. A big win and a little peace of mind.

Aim for the heart,
the head will follow

When you understand the beliefs, passions, and identities of the people who make up your audience, you’ll understand what motivates them to take action. So instead of focusing on the virtues of your products, we’ll help you build marketing strategy and creative that says “we get you and we’re here for you”. How’s that for a conversation starter?

So much shouting

While yodeling into an actual canyon can be supremely satisfying, doing it metaphorically with your marketing content can be painful and pricey. If you want to get noticed, you’ll need to take the next step in digital marketing—the one that gives you more out of the data you’ve been collecting.

Data enrichment and insights will help you understand the personal values and drivers behind the decisions your customers and prospects make, giving you the power to speak to them in new ways.

The rave reviews our clients give us say it better than our humble bragging ever could.

Embracing the niche

Approaching your marketing with a mindset of getting to know people on a deeper level takes communicating with a niche audience from a scary endeavor to an engaging exchange. The smaller the niche, the more focused and personal your communications can feel.

Industry mojo

We’ve done lots of work for financial, manufacturing, and nonprofit clients. We know their industries very well. Here’s something else we know well: Marketing and branding. So, whatever industry you’re in, fear not. We’ve got you.

Ready, set…

When it’s go-time, our tactical team can jump in and handle whichever details you need help with, from activation to automation, testing to analysis, all while keeping your larger business goals in mind.

Stuff we think about

When we’re not thinking about client work, we’re thinking about the nuts and bolts of marketing. We talk like a branding agency, work like a design agency, and share like a marketing agency, so maybe you’ll find something here that makes you think.

Contact us any time. Or now, now would be good.

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