What the #$%& happened?

We hate to be dramatic, but somebody’s gotta say it: Marketing is broken. Over the past decade, it’s been devolving into an unruly state of disarray. Where ads are annoying and irrelevant, messaging is generic and misleading, branding is an afterthought, and your precious budgets go who-knows-where, getting you who-knows-what.

The road to rehab starts here

We are cat&tonic. A feisty team of creative strategists, change implementers, and perception shapers. A one-size-fits-all mindset has no place here. We get to know your audience in ways you never thought possible (without doing anything creepy). We build creative that gets their attention for the right reasons. Think of us as your marketing therapists—ready to lead you on a journey to reveal the soul of your business so you can find your best customers.

Smart, passionate people in marketing, sales, and C-level roles who value their culture and are fed up with the status quo vibe best with us.

Human to human

B2B, B2C, B2Whatever. It doesn’t matter. What matters is the humans you want to connect with. We nerd out about getting into their heads and revealing their values and beliefs. We dig deep into your organization to find out what makes it tick. We poke around to see what your competitors are up to. With the 411 in hand, our strategy and creative teams do their thing. The result is what marketing should be: Messaging and design that your audience hears and feels.

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Bold new narratives in a copycat world

When you work with us, your brand will get the attention it deserves. Your phone will ring off the hook and your sales team will finally stop bugging you. Your competitors will be wondering what they did wrong. You’ll get more high-fives than you know what to do with. You’ll finally get that raise you’ve been waiting for. And you’ll have us. A trusted friend for life. A collaborator and champion for your brand, always ready to jump in with an extra life jacket (or an alligator floaty) anytime you need it.

The rave reviews our clients give us say it better than we ever could.

Intriguing content born from curiosity.

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