Before we talk about us, let’s talk about you.

Finding the right agency—in one massive sea of them—is a big job. Lofty business goals keep your head spinning and everyone expects you to be the hero that saves the day…and the quarter. You can’t do it all yourself and your team is already busy AF. We get it.

Now ask yourself, do you want to work with a big, flashy, pomp-and-circumstance kind of agency, or one that rolls up its sleeves and collaborates with you to solve problems? If it’s the latter, you’re in the right place.

Born of curiosity and enthusiasm, we’re a scrappy group of smart, passionate marketers who work hard and play hard. We show up every day and fight for our clients who are making the world a better place. We listen with curiosity, explore deeply, ask hard questions, and sometimes put forth ideas that might make you squirm. Because we believe the status quo is good for growing mold but not much else.

The way we see it, change is the way forward and the magic happens when curiosity, math, science, instinct, and talent intersect.

We value honesty, curiosity, hard work, inclusivity, collaboration, and having fun.

Megan Devine
Owner/Chief Strategist

Sheryl Doyle
Account Director

Danette Knickmeier
Comms Director/PM

Beth Seitzberg
Creative & Tech Director

Sam Glubka
Art Director/Dev Lead

cat&tonic is a reincarnation of d.trio marketing group—formed hastily in the final days of 1999. In the 20+ years since, we’ve fully pivoted from a direct-response agency to a creative, branding, and strategic marketing shop. With one founding partner now solely at the reins, we’ve morphed into [c&t]. Even though our name has changed, we remain the same eclectic group of long-time marketers with a passion for helping clients put their best foot forward.

The values that serve as a foundation to everything we do

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