How to improve company culture: Start with an evaluation of the one you already have.

The culture of an organization is foundational to its success. The benefits of a healthy, high performing and tightly aligned internal culture are invaluable. Employees are more engaged. Performance is improved. Productivity is higher. The company grows. Revenue increases. Everyone is happy. But how do you know if the values [...]

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Empathy for the invested: creative and emotion

Something very exciting is happening at d.trio. Possibly one of the most interesting things that can happen to a designer or creative director inside their own creative or marketing agency. I can’t tell you what it is yet, and that’s hard for me. One of my myriad quirks is that [...]

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A day in the life of a keyword

There are approximately 7,853,934 articles on the internet about SEO. (I actually have no idea how many there are… I just made that up.) I’m sure they’re all very helpful, to some degree or another, for understanding how SEO works. But I wanted to come at it from another angle—from [...]

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7 Tips for Reaching Your Niche Audience

Do you make a product for a very specific purpose? Do you offer a service that solves a very specific problem? Congratulations! That should make your marketing a lot easier, and your success is almost guaranteed! Wait. What? You’ve still got a bunch of competitors? Your product or service is [...]

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Confessions (and revelations) of an imperfect leader

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my career, which I’m guessing is a common affliction of people in their 40s.  I spent the first years of my career as a production artist. So naturally, the first question that jumped into my head about most projects was “what are we [...]

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