By Published On: May 20, 2022

There are approximately 7,853,934 articles on the internet about SEO. (I actually have no idea how many there are… I just made that up.) I’m sure they’re all very helpful, to some degree or another, for understanding how SEO works. But I wanted to come at it from another angle—from the viewpoint of the keyword itself.

How I went from a nothing to a something

I woke up this morning to discover I’ve finally been assigned to a page. How exciting! After all, a keyword without a page is just wasted content—the page is what gives me SEO strength.

Now I feel like I’m being watched. Who is that over there that keeps saying “Ga ga ga”? A mutant baby? Nope, it’s ok, that’s just the King of Search. And right there next to him is Taggy and RushRush. That’s a lot of eyes for the first minute on the job. But of course, that’s the point. A keyword without eyes on it? Well, that’s lost opportunity. Now that I know I’m being tracked, I should look at this page I’m representing.

Ooh, I’m all over the place. In the body, in the title, and in the meta description. Great. But I’m missing from the H2 tags. What?! No subheads to break up content? This will not do. No wonder the readability score is higher than pages in the top ten. People don’t read. Time to get my handlers to revise that.

There, that’s better. Now for a look at the top ten pages. I mean, that’s what I’m shooting for after all. Hey, I’m using a lot of the same words and phrases as they are. Gotta let people know I’m relevant. Better not get too carried away though. Keyword stuffing is so 2010. My content length is good and after putting in those subheads, my readability isn’t bad either. Looks like only one of those top-ten-ers is using a video. People love video. I wonder if there’s one around here that gives a quick explanation of me? Yes, there’s one.

You know, if I’m going to be on camera, I’d better take a quick look in the mirror. Looks like my search volume is solid. I’m not overwhelmingly huge like some of my cousins on this site, but I’m feeling pretty good. And there’s an upward trend. My timing is perfect. The cousins are holding their own though, and the collection of our pages is well trusted according to our authority score. We stick together around here. Reciprocal internal links all over, and no cannibalization. Go team!

Time to run my first position report. I made the top 100. It’s a good start, but not really where I want to be. Gotta give it some time. In the meantime, I need to start getting my name out there. Social is a good place to start. Let’s get them talking on LinkedIn. I’m all business.

Better take another look at the competition here. Ok, my page’s content length is good. I’m using an ordered list. I’ve got that video. And I’m present on the page in a good ration. Hey, I even gained a referring domain! Oh, but the top ten have way more. Who are these guys? Eek, some big dogs. Forrester…my page links to them. Forbes. Deloitte.

I’m in the right neighborhood with those heavy hitters. Wish I could get a backlink from one of them. Looks like that’s going to be the challenge as usual. Backlinks. (sigh) I may think my page is the best on the whole internet, but if nobody else wants to point at it, or at some of my cousin pages, I’m in for an uphill battle. Better research some good places to link from.

Well, I’ve done what I can for now. Time to refresh the position trackers. Wait for it. Wait for it. Number 6. In the whole world…um, country…um, area. Whoop! I did it! Now to keep it.  Somebody should get working on fresh, new, me-related content.

About the Author: Beth Seitzberg

Beth Seitzberg
During her career crafting creative Beth has conceptualized, designed, developed, strategized and overseen the building of brands, campaigns, and creative platforms for large corporations as well as for dozens of regional and local companies in every sector including financial services, manufacturing, retail, medical, and non-profit. This range of experience with clients of all sizes has honed a specialization in brand management and application of master brand strategy across channels and tactics. With a background in psychology and sociology she brings both a researcher’s behavioral approach and an artist’s instinct to her work. Beth specializes in designing outstanding, strategic creative that ties into business goals and communicates the client’s message clearly and distinctly in their unique voice.
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