Say this, not that

By |December 8, 2022|

9 examples of using data insights to connect with customers In our recent research paper we used data from the Resonate Ignite Platform to pull a Personal Values Report [...]

Keeping stakeholders in the know

By |December 6, 2022|

A client (with which we have an NDA) formally announced a merger that makes them the global leader in their category. They brought us onboard to create the necessary communications [...]

DM wars, an easy $10, and new digs

By |December 6, 2022|

Battle of the DM package Earlier this year, we created a direct mail challenger package for Applied Data Finance in an attempt to boost their response rates. In the [...]

Celebrating, branding, and learning

By |October 25, 2022|

We were honored to be a part of the Y Adventure Lab’s Volunteer and Partner Recognition event. The program celebrated the work of co-founder, Tony Schiller, who is retiring [...]

Corel becomes Alludo

By |September 27, 2022|

When I was young and still learning about how a computer could be a creative outlet for design and illustration, I remember using CorelDRAW. It was one of the few [...]

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