By Published On: May 11, 2022

Queries & Theories – Series 2 : Volume 4.

We all have those friends—the ones that bring casual mentions of something we should do and turn them into something we actually do. For example, “we should try that new restaurant sometime” from a dreamer type becomes “we have reservations on Friday” from a PM type. When your team is juggling 42 things in one day like we are in the agency world, project management is the only way to keep it all straight. Here are the things we think make someone a successful project manager:

Understanding the project goals, organizing the process and effectively communicating project details.


Organization, attention to detail and good communication skills.


Organization, attention to detail and good communication skills (yes, we said the same thing).


Organization. Tenacity. The ability to ask for things nicely, even when your patience has worn thin.


Organization, communication skills, and the ability to create a timeline. Admittedly that last one seems the hardest, but as a creative, it’s the one I rely upon the most.


Service mentality. Transparency. Trust.


Not being afraid to ask questions. Being able to communicate clearly. Keeping the creative team on track, but nicely.


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