Conference Review – Adobe Experience Makers

Promoted as a “new virtual event where you’ll learn to adapt and rise to today’s business challenges”, the Adobe Experience Makers Live conference was held at the end of July. Feature keynote conversations with people like Dr. Brene Brown and Luvvie Ajayi Jones, the conference overlaid its point of view [...]

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Side tasks for marketers during covid-19

Let’s face it, we’re all disrupted. You’re reacting faster than you ever have, and you’ve always reacted fast. And in between those absolutely brutal bursts of activity, there are the even more brutal lulls. Probably stuck at home without access to your usual outlets, dealing with intrusive cats and even [...]

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So many things to make.

I spent some time the other day looking at a website called Brain Pickings. If you have any interest in art, literature, science, or creativity, you should too. After a few minutes there, I made this. It might make sense to you. I think designers will get it. If not, [...]

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Before you begin: branding assessment worksheet

Are you considering a brand refresh or brand assessment for the new year? Whether you plan on engaging a marketing and branding agency or conducting your own review, taking a little time to locate resources and establish your access to key information can save frustration and delays along the way. [...]

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One simple question that can get any business back on track.

Between changes in technology, changes in economic, marketing and business theory, information overload, and this seemingly global simmering anger, the world of work these days can be extremely challenging. Marketing in particular, still often considered by companies as more of an expense than an investment, is plagued by an absolute [...]

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