Author: Megan Devine

How six “failures” created business success

Over the course of running a business for 23 years, a funny thing happens. One day you look back in time and there’s clarity. Clarity about successes but also about what some might call failures. Much has been written about “failing fast” in business. I agree you need to [...]

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Tearing off the Roof

For 22 years, d.trio has been a smart, nimble, and forward-thinking agency. Over those years, we have reinvented our brand several times as we shifted our business focus to embrace new channels, technologies, information, and strategies. Running a small business is much like owning a home—you do the maintenance to [...]

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Interesting marketing approach. Questionable execution.

Our team regularly discusses marketing and advertising we’ve seen out in the wild that works or doesn’t work (and why). Recently someone brought in a letter they received around Valentine’s Day with what most of us initially thought was an interesting approach. The letter (with pink hearts on it) from [...]

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Wisdom from the MarketingProfs B2B conference

Earlier this fall we attended the virtual MarketingProfs B2B conference and as usual, Ann Handley et al were entertaining and informative. Also, as usual, we had a number of “we could teach this” moments and a few “ah-ha” moments. It’s always worthwhile, either way. Here are some highlights. Master your [...]

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Why Your Brand Positioning Matters

Things have changed for everyone over the past 15 months. For my business, Covid was the second wave of major shifts that came over a two-year period. All this change left me reexamining many things, including our identity. This is the story of why and how we — a branding [...]

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Only you can prevent unintended consequences

I recently read a great article about the unintended consequences of decisions we make. In the article How To Use Second-Order Thinking To Solve Problems Smarter the author takes us through the thought process of thinking about what might happen if you pursue a certain solution to a problem – [...]

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When everything changes, pay attention to the right things

We all know that there are leading and lagging indicators with behavioral change in any economic or business environment shift. Some changes are driven by innovation (think of the ripple effect the iPhone had on how people interact with myriad things). Some are driven by personal beliefs (e.g. reusable grocery [...]

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The AMI report on the state of the marketing industry

What happens when 12 marketing agencies get together during COVID-19? Well, obviously, we did a Zoom conference, so that’s a new thing, but we also talked about the state of business across the U.S. From our microcosm of the Agency Management Institute Synergy group, we found the good, the bad, [...]

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