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What we know today about the SEO of tomorrow

With the cat&tonic team of humans building the set and directing the show, our trusty robot stagehand—ChatGPT—is helping us create a wildly informational, up-to-the-minute blog series about its favorite topic: AI. This is the first one. Only people with a crystal ball know how AI-powered search is going to [...]

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AI Image Generation: Perspectives from 2 agency creatives

We’re all in on generative AI. It’s the secret ingredient in our creative process and it adds huge value to our team by helping us generate copy and ideas within certain defined practices. But the image thing? Whoa there, robot face. That’s a sacred place you’re treading on. Maybe [...]

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Megan’s on a podcast!

Megan was a guest on the OWN IT podcast with Christy Hiler. She talked about being in the tiny percentage of female-owned agencies and offered some great advice for other underrepresented people in the world of agency ownership. Take a listen

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22 ideas for promoting your new website

Don’t just “go live” and hope people will find that brilliant new website you’re building. Stir up some attention. Here’s some inspiration… Light a fire internally Make a launch video with a sneak peek at certain pages and new features Set up a go-live countdown [...]

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YouTube SEO: How to Rank YouTube Videos in 2023 – Guest Post

Note: The following is a guest post from our friends at Breadnbeyond. YouTube gets more and more popular year after year. Although there have been competitors like TikTok and Instagram, YouTube remains the most significant video-based platform today. It has generated 2.1 million active users as of 2022. That’s [...]

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Keeping stakeholders in the know

A client (with which we have an NDA) formally announced a merger that makes them the global leader in their category. They brought us onboard to create the necessary communications for their new organization, thanks to similar work we did for the SunTrust/BB&T (now Truist) merger. Their top priority was [...]

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DM wars, an easy $10, and new digs

Battle of the DM package Earlier this year, we created a direct mail challenger package for Applied Data Finance in an attempt to boost their response rates. In the first two test waves, our package showed the control package who’s boss. With the third and final round of testing [...]

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