By Published On: October 25, 2023

“Should we be on social media?” is a question we’re often asked by clients who are considering dipping their toes into a new channel. “Is it worth it?” they wonder.

Like most questions in life, our answer is “yes, but…”.

Content marketing—and through it, social media—is a fundamental brand-building activity. Every bit as important as a well-coached sales team, adherence to your logo and brand visual style, and maintenance of your guiding principles and messaging.

Your company’s presence on social media should reflect the level of customer service, responsiveness, consistency, and relevancy you want to project into the world.

If you consider yourselves thought leaders in your industry, your content on social media should show your engagement with contemporary discussions in your market/field, as well as a contribution of your own ideas. If your high-touch customer service is your differentiator, your engagement with clients and their communities on social media will build trust amongst potential clients.

Beyond that we strongly believe engaging with social media can help you develop a greater appreciation for the markets you work in, the businesses you compete with, and of course the clients you work for.

Even if you accept its importance, you may be surprised to learn how much time and energy it requires. It can be hard to imagine a tool we use in our free time for sending memes, teasing family, or sharing that weird new thing our pet did could be an important channel for business. But statistics continue to show that it is.

According to survey data from GWI, 21.2% of respondents since 2009 mainly use social media as a source when actively looking for information about brands, products, or services. It is the fourth most common place online users go.

Which of the following online sources do you mainly use when you actively looking for more information about brands, products, and services?

Search Engines 57.2%
Consumer Reviews 42%
Product / brand sites 34.7%
Social networks 21.2%
Price comparison websites 19.3%

GWI. All internet users. All waves surveyed since 2009.

On social media, those respondents also reported finding posts by the company, posts by current users of the product/service, posts by thought leaders, and conversations with friends, colleagues, or contacts useful in their research. In near equal measures.

When using social media to research products or services, which of the following do you find useful?
Posts by current users of the product/service 17.8%
Posts by companies 16.5%
Conversations with freinds, colleagues, or contacts 15.2%
Posts by thought leaders 12.4%
Other 1.1%

GWI. All internet users. All waves surveyed since 2009.

Thus, providing more evidence for not just creating a regular cadence with your content but your engagement and interaction with users as well. This level of engagement and production takes planning and monitoring.

Which social media sites do you use to research / consider new products / services? Please select all that apply.
Youtube 20.3%
Facebook 19.2%
Instagram 14.8%
LinkedIn 12.1%
Twitter(X) 11.5%
Facebook Messenger 7.4%
TikTok 6.7%
WhatsApp 6.6%
Reddit 6.1%
Pinterest 6%
Snapchat 5.5%
Skype 4%
Telegram 3.4%
Discord 3.3%
WeChat 2.3%

GWI. All internet users. All waves surveyed since 2009.

Building a brand can’t be done overnight, even if you’re on the social media platform of the moment. So, if you want to take the plunge, you have to be ready to swim for a while.

We know that convincing your team or your manager of the importance of content marketing and engaging with social media can be a challenge. If you need help, we’re happy to provide additional data relevant to your market to back you up. Or, content planning and/or creation seems daunting, we can help with that too. Just reach out and put our team to work for you.

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Sam Glubka
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