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Yes, you should be on social media, but first…

“Should we be on social media?” is a question we’re often asked by clients who are considering dipping their toes into a new channel. “Is it worth it?” they wonder. Like most questions in life, our answer is “yes, but…”. Content marketing—and through it, social media—is a fundamental brand-building [...]

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Corel becomes Alludo

When I was young and still learning about how a computer could be a creative outlet for design and illustration, I remember using CorelDRAW. It was one of the few pieces of software my dad was willing to shell out the cash for (most likely from the bargain bin at [...]

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6 tips for naming (or renaming) your product or company

(May also be helpful when choosing a baby name) Creating something new by carving away at infinite possibilities in your own unique way can be fun—especially for a creative type like me. And when that creation is something as important as a company or product name it can be that [...]

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Adobe MAX delivers in style

Here’s a good thing that came out of the Pandemic—the annual Adobe MAX conference was free again this year! Several of us made our way to the d.trio lounge, which happened to be appropriately decorated for Halloween and thus, the perfect place to settle in for the show. In typical [...]

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Brands that successfully use comedy in marketing

The use of storytelling in marketing has been around for some time now. And for good reason—it works. Adding a little drama and excitement around a brand through storytelling has proven to be a powerful tool for connecting with audiences. The same goes for comedy, which is an aspect of [...]

By |July 8, 2021|Categories: General|

Color Psychology and Marketing

According to Wikipedia, Color Psychology is the study of hues as a determinant of human behavior. I find this to be a strange field, because it can feel impenetrable yet simple at the same time. We can all look at a color and say the first thing that comes to [...]

By |April 25, 2021|Categories: General|

Bank Branding and Marketing

We at d.trio have a long history of marketing for the financial industry. One trick we use for making the best of that experience is to stay on top the latest visual branding trends. For this post, I’ll be examining three of the biggest banks right here in our back [...]

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Adobe MAX: What I took away and what you should check out

This is a year for firsts. Most of them not great, but it’s not all bad. This year marks the first time Adobe has made their annual Adobe MAX conference completely online and free to all. And that means quite a lot. With famous attendees, a huge roster of contributors, [...]

By |November 9, 2020|Categories: General|

Logo I wish I had designed

For those who have read my logo posts before, you may have noticed I have an affinity for well-designed sports logos. I have written a post gushing about the MN United logo. It would not be wild to draw the conclusion that I really love sports… Sports are great, don’t [...]

By |October 4, 2020|Categories: General|

Working around gaps in technical knowledge

At d.trio, we pride ourselves on understanding technology and helping clients with related problems. In this digital age, knowing every detail of the technology we work with can be a monumental task. We’re surrounded by tech that makes our everyday working lives easier (computers, designer software, project management software, etc.) [...]

By |February 20, 2020|Categories: General|
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