Author: Danette Knickmeier

Say this, not that

9 examples of using data insights to connect with customers In our recent research paper we used data from the Resonate Ignite Platform to pull a Personal Values Report on people who do their banking in different places. The goal of that paper was to help bank marketers learn [...]

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Glossary of Creative terms

A down and dirty guide to help non-designers communicate with actual designers If you’re not formally trained in design but need to communicate with designers who speak in what sometimes feel like a foreign language, this article should help clarify some things. It should also serve as a reminder that, [...]

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6 reasons to find a creative hobby

Those of us who work in marketing know it’s an interesting, fast-paced, challenging, and mostly fun industry to work in. We’re always learning and solving problems. We get to influence business and culture and express our creativity in a bunch of ways. And we get to meet and collaborate [...]

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Tips for writing an effective creative brief

Ah, the humble creative brief. It’s an important tool in every agency’s tool belt, but it can take many different forms. Having worked at several agencies over the course of my career, I’ve seen almost as many versions as there are colors in a PMS book. This, by the way, [...]

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Corporate Lingo and SEO: It’s all about balance

I like marketing because it’s a delightful combination of art and science. When our team creates marketing art (something unique and meaningful for an audience) from which that audience gets joy (or value, in the case of marketing), I know I’ve done my job.   But without science—in the form [...]

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Need to connect with B2B buyers? Start here.

First impressions in marketing (and in life, for that matter) have always been a big deal. You could argue they’re even a bigger deal today due to the plethora of available marketing channels. If you’re on a marketing team in a B2B company and you want to connect with your [...]

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