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Analyzing art

I recently painted a self-portrait and posted it to social media with the question, “Am I done?” I did this because, with the subject matter so close, I wasn’t sure I could see it objectively. There were an interesting array of responses but the one that intrigued me was from [...]

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Management Perspective: Elvis has left the building

This is to serve as a quick tip on presenting or receiving creative, especially when it pertains to something as sensitive and personal to people as branding and identity. Agency folks should build in some time after presenting initial visuals and creative rationale to leave the room, allowing the client [...]

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2014 Global Design Trends

As a creative agency, we like to keep pulse on design trends.  Shutterstock, a technology company providing photos, illustrations and videos to creative professionals worldwide, has identified the following trends for the 2014. 1) Authentic and candid photography. Photos will feature a filtered look and subjects in real-life settings. 2) [...]

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Trends in Logo Redesign

The logo is the primary expression of a company’s brand. There is more equity in this single visual asset than any other part of the brand identity. Voice, photographic style, typography, customer service philosophy? All important, but the logo stands as the most visible, most often encountered, and arguably most [...]

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5 Trends in Financial Services Design

The economic recession that began in 2008 has changed the way that financial services companies represent their brand. In an effort to re-establish trust and confidence with their customers, providers have dramatically reduced the use of imagery and messaging depicting aspiration and conspicuous wealth.  Here are five of the main [...]

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