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Analyzing art

I recently painted a self-portrait and posted it to social media with the question, “Am I done?” I did this because, with the subject matter so close, I wasn’t sure I could see it objectively. There were an interesting array of responses but the one that intrigued me was from [...]

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Social Media Saved Me From the Back to School Madness

It used to be a simple list: #2 pencils, Crayola markers and a pencil box. Now, the list continues, with more and more supplies that schools used to purchase. Dry erase markers, Kleenex, and anti biotic wipes? As a parent, I’m afraid to look at school supply receipts; did you [...]

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Principles of Improv

Note: As part of our Art Month theme, some of us are sharing the creative pursuits that enrich our lives, both at work and outside of it. by Jordan Bainer If you look hard enough, you start to see connections between various components of your life. For me, improv comedy [...]

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