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The ABC’s of Problem Solving

When you really boil it all down, life (and business), is really just an endless stream of problem solving. Some problems are simple, but others are big, hairy, complex beasts that can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. So, what to do? SIMPLIFY! That’s right. It has been said, [...]

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The hidden secrets of color

Much as been said and or written about the way color shapes our world, our attitude and our thoughts. This, you may be happy to hear, will not be a blog about the psychology of color...fascinating as the subject is. The original intent of this blog was to study and [...]

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About Us – It’s Not All About You

Many companies desperately need “a cleanup on aisle 13” – and that aisle is the “About Us” section on their website.  It seems the majority of these sections I read are vague, confusing, trite, jargon-filled diatribes that do little to inform the audience, establish credibility or spark interest in moving [...]

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2014 Global Design Trends

As a creative agency, we like to keep pulse on design trends.  Shutterstock, a technology company providing photos, illustrations and videos to creative professionals worldwide, has identified the following trends for the 2014. 1) Authentic and candid photography. Photos will feature a filtered look and subjects in real-life settings. 2) [...]

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