By Published On: November 19, 2013

by Melinda Moore – senior designer at d.trio

Well it’s that time of year again, the designing of the annual Christmas card. Ever since my husband and I have been married (almost 18 years) we have sent out a photo Christmas card. Our family and friends are always commenting to me how much they look forward to our card, can’t wait to see how we’ve changed, and what we will do next. I’m not saying our cards are spectacular or anything, but I guess being a designer I started putting extra effort into picking out our clothes, paper, or shape of our card thinking it was a personal reflection of my design skills… and I didn’t want people to think I sucked. As my family has grown from just my husband and I, to our four daughters, our Christmas Card has evolved into a family affair; an expression of our family. The girls talk about “what should we do this year?” and help assemble outfits, and think of ideas, while my husband only asks “what do I have to wear?”. Here are a few samples of Christmas cards past… of course no one gets a glimpse of this years card until December… that’s the rule.



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