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Keeping stakeholders in the know

A client (with which we have an NDA) formally announced a merger that makes them the global leader in their category. They brought us onboard to create the necessary communications for their new organization, thanks to similar work we did for the SunTrust/BB&T (now Truist) merger. Their top priority was [...]

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DM wars, an easy $10, and new digs

Battle of the DM package Earlier this year, we created a direct mail challenger package for Applied Data Finance in an attempt to boost their response rates. In the first two test waves, our package showed the control package who’s boss. With the third and final round of testing [...]

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Moving, communicating, and winning

In with the new, out with the old It’s been almost a month since we changed our name. We planned and prepped for what seemed like forever and now we’re enjoying the fruits of our labors. We’ve gotten tons of positive feedback and encouragement from our collective networks on the [...]

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A labor of love

This is where we usually feature the work we do for clients and give you some background into the project. Since you already know us and we gave you the high-level details before, we’ll save the chitchat and let you roam around our new website at your leisure. Did we [...]

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Letting the cat out of the bag

d.trio is now cat&tonic We’ve been lobbing subtleties, innuendos, and teasers into the digosphere for the past few months about big changes coming and we’re finally ready to tell the world—we changed our name! d.trio is now cat&tonic. We’re still the same scrappy hard-working group of marketers who strive [...]

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Tearing off the Roof

For 22 years, d.trio has been a smart, nimble, and forward-thinking agency. Over those years, we have reinvented our brand several times as we shifted our business focus to embrace new channels, technologies, information, and strategies. Running a small business is much like owning a home—you do the maintenance to [...]

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Silliness + Boredom + Creativity = Brilliance

Remember, before COVID, when a kind-hearted soul would bring a box of assorted donuts to the office to share with the crew? According to Beth, a maple glazed donut (or remnants of one) always seemed to appear among the carnage at the bottom of the box. And because Fred is [...]

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