What’s your favorite thing about working in marketing?

Queries & Theories - Series 2 : Volume 3. Everyone has their reasons for doing what they do to make a buck. So we asked our team to tell us “why marketing?”. Everyone came back with a respectable answer, but nobody had the guts to reveal the real reason—which is [...]

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A full-scale overhaul

It started innocently enough. On a late summer day in 2021, the email read something like this: “We need a proposal for a website redesign for a company we recently acquired and we’re looking for a quick turnaround”. No big surprise in our line of work. Clients need things fast. [...]

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What is intelligent creative and why should you care?

The exponential speed of the adoption of digital marketing, coupled with changes over the past two years in the way everything is bought and sold, is forcing marketers to focus more heavily on differentiation. For a brand to stand out in a noisy and competitive marketplace, thoughtful innovation is [...]

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Promoting services that promote independence

Southeastern Minnesota Center for Independent Living (SEMCIL) provides a wide range of services to the communities they serve. This nonprofit is dedicated to creating and sustaining independence for all persons with disabilities. When they received a grant from the MN Department of Health to be a COVID community coordinator, they [...]

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Branding and intelligent creative

Top-Secret Branding Work One of our favorite nonprofits recently changed their name and became an extension of a larger organization. We can’t tell you who that organization is yet, but let’s just say you’ve definitely heard of them. They are doing wonderful things to promote physical and mental wellness through [...]

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PLUS is More

The Professional Liability Underwriting Society (PLUS) is a highly recognized organization that provides education and networking opportunities to professional liability underwriters. PLUS wanted to grow their membership base and recently decided to make membership free. To promote the new “PLUS is More” campaign, they came to us for creative assets. [...]

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Do you answer your phone when it rings?

Queries & Theories - Series 2 : Volume 1. Remember when a ringing phone made you rush to pick up the receiver to find out who was on the other end? If you’re under 20, probably not. But the rest of us do. Sadly, in these modern days of obnoxious [...]

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