By Published On: September 7, 2022

d.trio is now cat&tonic

We’ve been lobbing subtleties, innuendos, and teasers into the digosphere for the past few months about big changes coming and we’re finally ready to tell the world—we changed our name! d.trio is now cat&tonic. We’re still the same scrappy hard-working group of marketers who strive to help our clients be successful, and now we’re doing it with a little more zing.

Our new name represents the curiosity we bring to every project and the fresh approach we take when tackling our clients’ challenges. We use the latest technology to understand why audiences make decisions and build creative that resonates with them on a deeper level. This approach isn’t new, but the way we talk about it is, and we’re stoked to have a new name and brand that reflects who we are. The new cat&tonic website is live and full of illustrations from the talented Sam Glubka. We’d love to hear what you think.

Thanks to Megan’s love for HGTV, she likes to use the analogy of remodeling a house when talking about our transformation to [c&t]. Read more about that here in her blog.

Doing what we do best

While we’ve been busy getting ready for our name change, we’ve also been busy landing new clients. One is in the med-tech space and needs help updating their brand and identity to better reflect their innovative mindset. Another is about to merge with a larger entity and we’re working on the communications materials to ensure their customers and prospects are kept in the know. It’s been fun digging deep into these new businesses and strategizing with their teams. We love this stuff and look forward to sharing the work in a later newsletter.

It’s not just us

Megan’s semi-annual Agency Management Institute (AMI) network meeting was a little different this time around. Much of the discussion was about changes occurring among the agencies—some are being bought out, some are passing their business down to their children and some, like us, are making full scale transitions. Agency work is notoriously challenging but getting to know her peers and finding out what they’ve been up to is always enlightening and inspirational for Megan.


Our client, Mount Yale Capital Group, hosted an event at the trendy new Earl Giles Distillery in Northeast Minneapolis for their customers, and we were lucky enough to be invited too. Getting to know the people who make up Mount Yale end experiencing their culture firsthand was a boon for our team as we worked to redesign their website. (More on that in the Show & Tell section.)

Danette participated in her second Climate Ride – this one in the San Juan Islands (the first was in Northern CA in 2015). After training all summer and raising over $3,600 for a non-profit that empowers people to engage in climate change solutions, she rode 240 miles and climbed over 17K feet on her bicycle (with no e-assist). We applaud her commitment and her passion for cycling.

Megan traveled to Colorado to see one of her many musician idols. As venues go, it doesn’t get any better than the Red Rocks amphitheater, and the music doesn’t get any better than Bonnie Raitt.

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