By Published On: August 31, 2022

For 22 years, d.trio has been a smart, nimble, and forward-thinking agency. Over those years, we have reinvented our brand several times as we shifted our business focus to embrace new channels, technologies, information, and strategies.

Running a small business is much like owning a home—you do the maintenance to keep things in working order and you make updates to keep up with the trends. But then one day you step back, take a hard long look, and realize you need a full-blown renovation.

For me, the realization was clear. It was time to say goodbye to d.trio and build something new, while keeping the foundation that supported our growth and allowed our team to become who we are today.

So, together we built cat&tonic.

Born of curiosity to understand the biggest challenges our clients face and our ability to bring the right cure to those challenges, [c&t] is a modern take on an agency name with just enough tongue-in-cheek to satisfy and represent our unique, experienced, team approach.

That approach is centered around Intelligent Creative—using data, artificial intelligence, human experience, and raw instincts to make the branding and marketing strategies we develop for our clients better and more effective.

To complete our remodel, we created a new brand, built a new website, and soon we’ll be moving to a new office space in our building in the Minneapolis North Loop neighborhood. (Yes, we still work together in an office.)

Like any remodel, there are some things that won’t be changing—like our dedication to being a strong marketing partner to our clients. Our entire team was an integral part of building the new [c&t] brand and we are all invested in continuing to deliver outstanding results on our clients’ behalf.

We regularly remodel brands for our clients, so doing it for ourselves gave us an interesting perspective on how it feels to be on the other side. At first, I felt a sense of loss of a brand I love and all it’s meant, plus fear of the unknown. But eventually those emotions were replaced with the same excitement that comes when the final touches are put onto a home renovation: When you can start envisioning how it will feel to get on with living your best life.

If you know us, we’d love to hear your thoughts on our remodel. If you’ve never met us, we’ve love to chat about your branding and marketing needs and discuss a blueprint for your success.

About the Author: Megan Devine

Megan Devine
Megan taps into her left-brain logic and right brain creativity—steering the business, bantering with her team, and strategizing on client work. She says it’s her dream job and we believe her. Using her passion and knack for understanding complex connections in business and marketing, she collaborates to create love between brands and customers. She possesses expertise and experience that only comes from persevering in the ever-changing marketing agency world. Megan co-founded d.trio marketing group, now cat&tonic, in January of 2000 and took sole ownership in 2019. Her vision, support, and sheer stubbornness got us through 9/11, the great recession, and a pandemic. She has judged the International ECHO Awards since 2005, has consulted for several organizations, and serves on several boards. Educated at Carleton College, she learned the importance of critical thinking for success. At home she learned the value of a good story.
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