By Published On: September 27, 2022

Long before they were acquired by the YMCA and changed their name to the Y Adventure Lab, Cycle Health relied on our team to create materials promoting fun, healthy outdoor activities. Over the years, these kid-focused events have evolved but the goal remains the same—to create new and original outdoor experiences for people of all ages and abilities, that instill confidence and build community.

Throughout our long history with the CycleHealth/Y Adventure Lab family, we’ve proudly worked with their passionate and driven team on dozens of projects together, including:

Y Adventure Lab branding

When CycleHealth was acquired by the YMCA and became the Y Adventure Lab, they needed a brand story, identity, and graphics for communicating with their sponsors, potential investors, event hosts, and other stakeholders. We developed messaging that told their story in a compelling way by outlining their mission, voice, values, and areas of focus, and created a whole new visual identity and graphics library.

Unlock It! Maps

Unlock It! started as an idea to replace in-person events during COVID, while still bringing outdoorsy fun to everyone. It has since grown into a popular family activity that has inspired sponsorships from some of the largest companies in Minnesota. For these self-guided scavenger hunts, we design the maps so they can be downloaded and used to unlock letters that, when unscrambled, form a keyword that can be entered to win prizes.

Kidarod, ForEverest, and BreakAway Kids Tri

We create promotional materials for a variety of events that happen throughout the year, such as the Kidarod which is inspired by The Iditarod—Alaska’s famous dog sled race; ForEverest which offers a taste of what it’s like to climb Mt. Everest; and the BreakAway Kids Tri which is a 2-day triathlon experience for kids to try swimming, biking, and running in a race format.


This popular event happens each fall, and we just finished creating online banners for the 2022 version. The Resilinator is an adventure course filled with obstacles and challenges that’s designed to build resilience and teamwork. This year it’s been expanded to two days with the first-ever grown-up edition happening Oct. 22. For any adult who’s ever stood on the sidelines thinking “I want do that!”, this is your year.

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