By Published On: May 24, 2021

The new kind of clubbing

Clubhouse, the hot new social media platform, is quickly making its mark on the world. The audio-only discussion platform is still relatively new and has gained a loyal following from Instagram influencers, marketers, musicians, film makers, and those from a wide range of other industries. Megan is quickly learning the ropes and raising her hand to add value and engagement in the rooms she visits, while also evaluating the tool through the lens of the big brands and experienced marketers that d.trio serves. If you want to join the club, email her at and she’ll send you an invitation.

We’re getting new shoes…

And now some news from the “We’ll believe it when we see it” files: The cobbler’s children are getting new shoes. That’s right…after 4+ years of attempting to re-design our website, it’s finally happening. We’re in the wireframe stage and hoping to launch sometime in the next few months. We don’t expect anyone to be as giddy as we are about this, but we thought you should know why we’re all walking around with big grins on our faces.

And new boots too!

With a shiny website in the works and some great case studies in our back pocket, we’re going after some new clients in the manufacturing sector. We’ve seen firsthand the challenges that marketers in this industry face and we’re confident in our abilities to help overcome them. We developed a strategy for reaching this audience (because that’s what we do best) and now we’re in the midst of making it a reality. If you know of any companies who make great stuff and need marketing help, please send them our way.

Client projects

Even with all our own projects in the hopper, our client work still takes priority. We recently wrapped up the communication elements for CycleHealth’s June activity. For our financial clients, we’re working on another set of animated banners and some educational pieces on deferred interest, vendor management, and a rewards program. And the storyboard and script development are underway for the NWHSU videos we are developing.

Fully vaxxed

We consider ourselves lucky to be in a state that’s done a great job of distributing the COVID-19 vaccine. Our entire crew has been fully vaccinated and we’re dreaming of the days we can visit our clients and prospects in person again.


Sam loves playing games, especially the video kind. And with spring in the air he was looking for ways to move his outside. Enter Can Jam. He swears it’s a blast. Now we have an excuse to throw a summer party (like we needed one).

Because the hills of Minnesota aren’t enough for Danette, she spent a long weekend in Denver riding with her cycling club. There may have been a few brewery stops along the way.

Megan’s been lacing up her hiking boots and experiencing the unfolding of the new season at Lebanon Hills State Park. She swears it’s better than meditation.

Sheryl’s obsession with fairy lights has spilled into crafting time with her sister. The result: adorable repurposed wine bottles. We see an Esty page in her future.

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