By Published On: May 14, 2021

We all have companies that we love to support – whether it’s because they offer a superior product, provide exceptional customer service, offer the best value, or are a favorite local business. And when you find out a company you love is doing good things, it makes for an even richer customer experience. Here are couple of my favorites and why they’ve earned my loyalty.

1. King Arthur Baking Company

As someone who’s been baking since I was a young girl, the sudden baking phenomenon that arose when the pandemic hit seemed a little strange to me. And not being able to find my favorite King Arthur flour on store shelves was a little…annoying. Along with an unexpected surge in sales, King Arthur was in the midst of a new brand rollout in Summer 2020. But instead of lying back and “rolling in the dough”, King Arthur “rose” to the occasion by focusing on the mission of doing well by doing good.

Having long been a fan of not only their products, but also their guaranteed not-to-fail recipes, I was thrilled that my colleague Sheryl recently shared this article about the many ways this company gives back – to schools, to their community, to bakers – and to the vast emerging market of wannabe bakers. If you’re feeling inspired – either by the article or by that soon-to-be outdated yeast in your cupboard – I recommend trying their delightful cinnamon rolls.

2. Bombas Socks

Here’s a story you’ve never heard before. When I sorted and folded my load of clothes from the dryer – one of my socks was missing.

The worst part – it was no ordinary sock. It was a Bombas sock. 

Not only are they the best socks ever made on the planet – they’re probably also one of the most expensive. So I kept the single sock waiting patiently and routinely looking under my bed and in the corners of my closet, hoping the dryer had benevolently gifted the lost sock back to me. I waited for over a year. Then, reluctantly, I threw my sole Bombas sock away. But I ordered a couple more pairs to replace it. Why? Because not only are they an exceptional product, they’re an exceptional company.

For every pair of socks Bombas sells, they donate a pair to someone not fortunate enough to be able to put on a clean pair of socks every day. They’ve done it over five million times and counting. If I can benefit from getting a fabulous new pair of socks AND feel good about giving someone in need a pair as well – it’s an easy sell.

A few weeks ago, I grabbed a seldom-worn sweater from my closet. Slipping on the sleeve, what should pop out but the missing sock. I held onto it for a few days, hoping that the one I threw away would miraculously reappear.

It did not.

I’m going to go order some more.

We all need companies that make us feel good about being their customer. Who are your favorites and why? We’d love to hear your story.

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