By Published On: January 24, 2022

Queries & Theories – Series 2 : Volume 2.

Our big, beautiful planet offers a never-ending array of breathtaking places to experience. Some created by mother nature. Others created by human nature. And each has its own set of unique attributes. Like most Americans, we at d.trio love to travel so we thought we’d share some places we think are particularly interesting to us, for one reason or another.

The Grand Canyon. Photos are nice, but they don’t do it justice. And because it’s so massive, multiple weather systems can be active at any given time, which fascinates me.


Narrowing it down to the U.S., I think everyone should visit Maui. Hawaii is just so wonderful and different from any other state.


The slums of any third world country as a reminder of how good our lives are, even if we don’t have all the things we think we want. And also, The Grand Canyon. 😉 


Africa has been on my list because it’s considered the Motherland of the human race. I can’t wait to embark on this journey after the pandemic calms down.


Montreal. It is a neat mix of old and new, European and Canadian. For anyone living in North America it is too close to pass up.


The Boundary Waters Canoe Area. It’s pristine, quiet, and simply beautiful with a powerful, elemental feeling of nature.


The Grand Canyon. It’s so awe inspiring and really gives you an insight into how strong the planet is and how the human timeline is relatively meaningless.



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