By Published On: February 25, 2020

Diving deeper into Dover

We just landed another new client! Like some of our other, more recent, new clients, this one also resides under the Dover umbrella. And like all of our Dover clients, they are a B2B company who understands the importance of the customer experience and communicating with benefit-oriented language. We’re excited to jump into this multi-channel campaign that will target current customers and prospects and help them grow their business.

Ideas and inspiration from our peers

Megan went to her biannual Agency Management Institute (AMI) meeting with 12 other national agencies. Inspirational as usual, the topics shared included: a snapshot of the state of agencies (AMI Agencies rock!), must-have agency skills and technologies to compete and provide the most effective services for clients, and big ideas to share across our network (think multi-sensory experiences, old-school direct mail, and shoppable social media posts).

Many years and many talents.

13 years ago, Beth joined d.trio as our second full-time, in-house art director. From day one she’s been a talented designer, but has grown into so much more. As our Creative Director Extraordinaire, she not only oversees all the creative that goes out our door (and manages the people who make it), she’s also an integral part of our strategy and sales teams. Happy anniversary Beth!

Five minutes of fame – coming soon

A little bird told us there’s going to be an article coming out soon in the Minneapolis Star Tribune that features one of our own. And now we’re telling you. But that’s all we’re saying. For now.


Happy birthday to Beth’s cat Miss Peabody (the only feline we know that loves Doritos), Sheryl’s ridiculously cute dog Charlie (who somehow doesn’t mind being dressed in whatever Sheryl wants to put on him), and Tim’s youngest son Mikko who has officially entered the terrible twos (but had everybody smiling at his birthday party).

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