By Published On: July 29, 2015

I read this article the other day in Adweek and was struck by how closely it hit home – executives want to work with companies that care about culture. We have a passionate group at d.trio. We fight. We duke it out over the smallest details sometimes. We don’t hate each other at all – we have a culture that allows for a difference of opinion and there’s a knowledge that we’re each looking out for our clients’ best interest – then go hang out together and laugh. Ours is a culture that believes.

We believe so deeply that we proudly display our belief system on our website culture page. From our first day in business these principles ruled our approach:

  • Do the right thing for your client
  • Take business personally
  • Every project is important
  • Have a thick skin and a sense of humor
  • Be a problem solver
  • Do great work
  • Believe

Is this a more difficult way to do business? You bet it is. But is it the best way? Of course, and it’s the only way we know how. We love hearing about what works in other companies. Please share with us here or on our Facebook page what you believe in.


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