By Published On: May 30, 2016

Some words are so similar that it’s really easy to confuse them if we’re not being careful. The following are some words that often get confused, and what each one means.

Further vs. farther—“Farther” refers to physical distance. “Further” refers to relative distance, not actual distance.

Everyday vs. every day—“Everyday” is an adjective used to describe how often something occurs—or something that’s commonplace (An everyday occurrence.) “Every day” is the same as saying “each day” (I go to work every day.)

Discrete vs. discreet—“Discrete” means different or unique. “Discreet” means hidden or respectful of privacy.

Ensure vs. insure—“Ensure” means to make certain. “Insure” means to buy insurance.

Peak vs. pique vs. peek—“Peak” refers to the highest point. “Pique” means to interest or excite. “Peek” is a glance or a quick look.

Lose vs. loose—“Lose” is to no longer have something. “Loose” means not tight or firmly fixed.

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