By Published On: May 30, 2016

[Editor’s note: We’re pretty sure Maureen was distracted by something this month, maybe by trying to write her newsletter assignment while looking out the window. But it was her turn and we have rules about these things. See below for her insightful comments and an image of what may have distracted her. Welcome to the brief Minnesota summer, everyone.]


As I sat to write this management perspective I suddenly realized…it’s finally summer in Minnesota, the sun is setting and a storm is coming in across the lake. So my perspective for this month is this, sometimes the best perspective can be found by slowing down and noticing that it may be time to experience a change in perspective. For me, a change in perspective often gives rise to new ideas, simple solutions or a complete change in direction. And sometimes it can be a good reason to stop whatever you’re doing and watch an amazing sunset. -Maureen

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