By Published On: March 28, 2017


We have two office birthdays this month. Beth on the 14th and Megan today. We celebrated with Beth at her favorite North Loop pizza joint (Black Sheep) and we’re still waiting to hear how Megan plans to celebrate. She’s already taken 3 vacations this year (lucky lady), so maybe she’ll just want to work hard all day.


Speaking of vacations, we’ve got some great photos to share.

Melinda went south and joined some other parents on her daughter’s senior class trip to Central America. They experienced rivers, waterfalls, mud baths, hot springs and an active volcano. We thought she was crazy to accompany a bunch of teenagers on a week-long trip, but now we’re all a little jealous.

Megan felt sorry for us while she was doing her favorite thing on earth—skiing out west—and we were stuck in Minnesota with no snow, so she shared a few photos of what we were missing.

This doesn’t really count as a vacation, but Fred’s dogs Colin and Tacy were pretty happy about the one day of snow we got earlier this month. Maybe Megan should take them to Colorado on her next ski trip…


Project 333

March charity of the month: Heifer International

Helping people help themselves for nearly 70 years. Heifer International provides agricultural training and supplies as well as livestock such as chickens, ducks, goats, and cows to impoverished areas. Through farming and raising animals the recipients provide food for their families and their communities.

For more information visit:

Restaurant Review – Crisp & Green

The new fast-casual Crisp & Green just opened two blocks from our office. While its namesake suggests salads, it’s so much more than that. Sure, they have many types of greens, but the add-ons are what make it special. You can order one of their cleverly named signature salads like the “You Feta Believe it” or the “Going Back to Cauli Bowl”, or design your own creation – all made right in front of your eyes by super friendly folks who make being green seem easy (sorry Kermit).

I had the “Chef Curry Bowl” and thought it was awesome (with the addition of Kimchi that I somehow spotted through the glass in a sea of choices). My friend got the No Prob Cobb and her only prob was that it was so big she couldn’t finish it. The ambiance is, well, crisp and green. Its green accent walls, floor to ceiling windows and no-frills seating are the epitome of simplicity. And it works. I wondered if I could get behind a $12 “fast” salad for lunch, but with food like this, I can.


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