By Published On: March 14, 2013

Welcome to March. Not the most popular month on the calendar but March at least does hold the promise, (or sometimes broken promise) of Spring. March also hosts the madness of thousands of basketball games, and if you live in Minnesota, the threat of at least one huge snow storm (or the tease of one more snow day, depends upon your point of view.)  This ever pending final storm is probably winter’s way of making sure we’re still paying attention.

So, at d.trio we have dubbed the word for this month: Attention. In fact, for this entire year we are experimenting with assigning each month a different word. This word of the month will be our point of focus for all, or at least most, of our social media efforts.

So what do we mean by Attention?


By focusing on the word Attention we will be discussing things such as; what gets our attention, what should we be be paying attention to, what we can do in marketing to attract attention and great attention getting campaigns. We may also explore the ever decreasing attention span of humans today and perhaps, what can happen while you’re not paying attention.

We hope you’ll enjoy. We have also selected words of focus for upcoming months such as Outrageous, Analyze, Fresh, Invent, Improvise, Expression, Celebrate and Surprise. But I wont tell you which words match up with each month here…you’ll just have to keep paying attention.

About the Author: Maureen Dyvig

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