By Published On: June 25, 2018

HQ Winner!

We mentioned a few months ago that several of us are addicted to the app game HQ Trivia. Every day at 2 PM, we gather with our phones and try to correctly answer 12 random questions posed by the HQ Trivia host. On June 14, Tim got his first win! The total payout to all winners was $5,000. He got $5.90 of that. No one has ever been more excited about winning $5.90. Ever.

HQ winner

Power Lunching

Megan recently had the opportunity to network with a remarkable group of executives at a lunch hosted and attended by members of the Minnesota Women’s Economic Roundtable (MWER). They had an intimate Q&A session with Delta CEO, Edward Bastian, who discussed the airline business, and economic and social/equality factors in a male dominated industry. MWER is a forum for high profile women leaders to gather insights on broad economic issues, to examine their implications and take action in their communities.

Smarty Pants Doyle

Smart parents raise smart kids—at least that’s the case with Sheryl and Jim Doyle. Their daughter Abby just graduated from Blaine High School with highest honors and will be attending the University of Minnesota this fall. Sheryl says she’s excited to have one of her kids sticking close to home for college. Do you think she’ll feel the same way when Abby comes home to do her laundry and raid the refrigerator every weekend?

Abby Grad

Project 333

Our $333 donation this month was made with a heavy heart. Molly, daughter of our friend Jay, was a lover of children and a supporter of children’s causes. Sadly, Molly lost her life recently and to honor her memory and the people and things she loved we’ve made a donation to the charitable fund developed for her at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

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