By Published On: October 26, 2021

Northwestern Health Sciences University (NWHSU) hired us to develop brand videos, program videos and rich media ads to increase excitement and engagement among prospective students. The digital elements promote the NWHSU brand as well as their nine academic programs. The materials focused on the personal benefits of programs and conveying an emotional connection between students and careers.

Working closely with TriGlass Productions, we spent three action-packed days filming students on the NWHSU campus. Over the course of the shoot, we captured film for 20 videos with varying focuses, including:

  1. Overall branding – one version from an external viewpoint (being looked at) and a second version from an internal viewpoint (seeing yourself)
  2. Hands on – nine versions showing students practicing their profession in clinic or lab settings
  3. Testimonial – nine versions showcasing students interacting with a NWHSU brand wall with the students’ voiceovers highlighting their passion for their chosen practice

For each of the videos, there were complementary animated banner ads in seven different sizes, equating to a whopping total of 140 ads.

This was a huge undertaking and everyone is thrilled with the results. We couldn’t have done it without the exceptional production and execution by David Vanderwarn and team at TriGlass Productions. And we’re so grateful to NWHSU for putting their trust in us. Thanks to all who were involved!

Hands on

Hands on: Radiologic Technology
Hands on: Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine


Testimonial: Massage Therapy
Testimonial: Medical Assisting

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