By Published On: May 31, 2013

It’s been a very interesting month. We have a few stories for you: Google Glass has been gaining major traction and raised questions about privacy and security. YouTube announced the launching of its first paid channels that target an ever-growing market of “cord cutters”. Lab created hamburgers, the taste won’t blow you away but the price tag might.

Google Glass has recently been handed over to developers so they can create software that can innovate the way it will be used. A developer recently found software pre-built into Glass that detects when the user winks and takes a picture. Let’s hope that it can tell when something is in their eye too. Google Glass should be available sometime next year for consumers.

For the first time ever – YouTube will offer paid channels. This is the first sign of an “A-la-carte” television subscription. Content providers that believe their content is valuable enough for consumers to pay for on a subscription based system will make charge a monthly fee for their content to be viewed. Currently the roster is fairly small with 53 content providers but if those prove successful we could see more very soon.

Picture a burger that “tastes reasonably good” and costs $325,000. The most expensive hamburger in the world was recently created in a lab. We’ll spare you the details of how it’s made because it isn’t pretty. The price of innovation is high and although this burger doesn’t sound the least bit appealing; it still shows that there are advancements to be made in the science of food. NASA is even looking into putting down money to investigate the possibility of printing food with a 3D printer.

That about wraps up some of the latest outrageous trends this past month. Stay tuned for more trends in June.

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