By Published On: October 30, 2018

We are pleased to once again be partnering with CycleHealth, an initiative of the YMCA Greater Twin Cities committed to equipping a generation of kids to lead the nation to a new cycle of health. Each season of the year, CycleHealth offers a new fitness challenge encouraging kids to get up and moving and on their way to better health. For this Fall’s Resilinator challenge, d.trio created a brochure for kids to track their progress through five checkpoints to reach the summit of Mt. Everest. We also created a supporting poster to be used by teachers building teams in their classrooms.

CycleHealth has currently registered almost 1,000 racers, exceeding their goal by nearly 50%. The racers include individual families from around the Twin Cities and school groups from Brooklyn Park, Waconia and Apple Valley. Pediatricians are also supporting the effort by prescribing the Resilinator and its training challenge to kids as a way to inspire them to be more active.

We’re looking forward to expanding this vibrant, illustrative concept to three more themed challenges with CycleHealth to help them, and their participants, achieve their goals.


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