Schmitt Music, a supplier of musical instruments and accessories wanted to create a new brand and logo for a product line to be used on a wide variety of instruments for a diverse audience. cat&tonic was asked to create an overarching master brand including a brand story and positioning. In addition, the brand and logo needed to be versatile enough to allow for differentiation by instrument classes and be positioned for use in a large variety of styles and sizes.

The visual style of the new Lake City brand is bold and modern, using a combination of deep tones and bright accent colors to create a striking visual impact designed to stand out in the store environment and anywhere it appears.

A color palette based around a deep blue tone is inspired by the natural colors found within and around the lakes of Minneapolis. Subtle patterns based on topographic illustrations of these same lakes adds personality and depth to the design. The brand voice speaks to dedication to craft, passion for performance, and attention to detail. The new logo will be used in retail advertising and packaging—as well as engraved on the instruments.

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