Gateway Bank wanted to create brand awareness among new prospective clients. As a small, community-focused bank, they were looking to be more visible to those living within a 5-mile radius of their branches. In the past, the bank had done some smaller promotions with direct mail and radio ads, but they wanted to go bigger. They initially considered a long-term general awareness campaign with a local TV network but wondered if that would give them the boost they needed in the short term.


Our approach was a multi-channel digital campaign to be executed over 5 months, with CTV/OTT as the star of the show. Inside their small geographical footprint, we pinpointed three audiences to target: Those who believe a local bank is better than a national bank, those who are open to switching banks, and those who said they value in-person or live customer service interactions with bankers. The targeted video ads were supplemented with digital display ads, retargeting, and paid local search.

CTV/OTT: ~300K impressions with a 93% completion rate
All ads combined: .7% click through rate
Website visitors: 118% increase
Landing page views: 14,653

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