Synchrony provides credit services to businesses ranging from large national retailers to local independent shops. With staff changeover in the retail industry, new technology, and the changing nature of the payment industry, it is imperative that Synchrony keep their clients active and engaged by staying on top of trends, providing useful tools and information, and continually creating fresh content.

We worked in conjunction with Synchrony to create a vast array of educational materials for Synchrony’s Learning Center which allows business owners and retail employees to study and learn at their convenience. The digital pieces cover important topics like the value of diversity, successful virtual collaboration, basic credit education, and information on COVID. To further solidify Synchrony’s position as an industry leader and educate their clients, we created and produced a series of whitepapers covering topics on retail card marketing. The white papers are booklet style and created for use in both digital and print. They are visually dynamic branded pieces that present complicated data and factual information in an interesting and digestible format through the use of infographics, charts, graphs, photography, and conversational copy.

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