Gateway Bank contacted us for help in promoting their new Edina branch. A community bank offering both business and personal banking services, Gateway wanted to reach out to their Edina neighbors to generate awareness of the new location.

For our creative strategy, we leveraged one of the features that we felt exemplified Gateway’s friendly, community approach—the fact that they always have fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies available for their customers. To let people know about this unique benefit, and to offer a convenient way for visitors to check out the new Edina branch, we created the world’s first CTM (Cookie Teller Machine). To support the concept, a double postcard mailer included a coupon for a free cookie that could be redeemed in the branch or at Gateway’s drive-thru teller machine.

Gateway loved the idea, but the question was whether or not we could make it happen—early attempts at sending a cookie through the pneumatic teller machine tube weren’t pretty. But after a couple tests—and some bubble-wrap packaging—we were good to go.

Two other direct mail pieces rounded out the campaign—a campaign that both stood out from the clutter while communicating Gateway’s smart, helpful, friendly personality in a fresh, engaging way.

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