By Published On: November 7, 2017

or Musings from the blister pack encounter

As I struggled recently to unseal my cold medicine tablets from their protective enclosures, I began to wonder about how some marketing decisions are made. It’s funny where inspiration can come from – following are musings from my blister pack encounter.

Why Aren’t Cold Medicines Packaged in Bottles?

When you’re feeling weak and can’t breathe, everything seems harder. So, when it comes time for your next dose of cold medicine, you fear don’t have the strength left to try and puncture, pierce and gnaw your way into the individually sealed compartments. In your state of near delirium, you might question why cold-fighting capsules aren’t packaged in bottles. After all, you can get much more potent and potentially dangerous medication over the counter in bottles. And with one cleverly executed twist of the child-protected cap, the pills are yours for the taking without losing a tooth or a finger.

Despite the fact that blister packs are costlier to produce than bottles, there are indications their popularity may be on the rise. Some medications may be sensitive to light, air or moisture and will have a longer shelf life packaged in one-dose measurements. They’re more tamper resistant and convenient. And although they can be challenging to get into, they’re easier many people to manage than the child safety caps.

Who Decides the New Food Trends?

It’s Fall. And that means pumpkin is back in all its glory. Or, does it? The last few years have seen an influx of pumpkin in everything including our favorite coffee drinks, oatmeal, yogurt and even marshmallows. But this year, pumpkin is being kicked aside to make way for the new kid in town – “Maple Pecan”. And, apparently, it’s our own doing.

Consumers are fickle. And even though pumpkin spice probably won’t go away, sales are trending down according to MarketWatch data. Which means, something new needs to grab our attention. So be on the lookout for maple showing up in everything from granola bars to peanut butter and, yes, potato chips.

Did the World Really Need Another Flavor of Oreos®

Is there something wrong with original Oreos? Or why does Nabisco® feel the need to keep re-inventing the wheel? A quick search on Amazon® for “Oreo Cookies” brings up 16 pages of results. Over the years, they’ve gotten more filling (Double Stuf) or less (Oreo Thins). They’ve turned yellow on the outside (Golden Oreos) and on the inside (Spring Oreos). And every month seems to warrant a new flavor.

This month, we’re being treated to “Mystery Oreos”. Guess what the flavor is and you could win a $50,000 prize. The contest runs until November 30th, but Social Media is abuzz with guesses classified as “fruity” such as Froot Loops® or Fruity Pebbles™. But that just raises another question. Should those cereals be classified as “fruity”? Hmm. Grab a box for your office to share and good luck winning the grand prize.

Feed a cold starve a fever?

And one more thing…what about that “feed a cold, starve a fever” adage? Well, I finally got the cold medicine open so I guess I’ll leave that question for another day. What marketing questions have been on your mind lately? We’d love to hear from you.

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