By Published On: November 25, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Thanksgiving is the time of year that either makes people crazy or nuts depending on which side you’re on. Do you frantically dress the house a la Martha Stewart and craft the most amazing meal to impress a giant group of starving friends and family?

Or do you cower in the corner waiting for it to be over, hoping you won’t be judged harshly for the once frozen turkey breast and Stove Top Stuffing you’re putting on the table?

And all this for one day that all but gets lost in the great generic holiday time warp that makes everyone lament, “Where did the time go?”

But we’d miss the excitement and the excuse to get together if we didn’t have it. It’s the one time we can take a moment to give thanks for the people and blessings in our lives. So try to enjoy it – in between the work and the travel and the shopping plans – and remember that life is short, appreciate the people around you and the things you have.

That said, I’d like to say thanks. Thanks to our wonderful clients for your business partnership and friendship. Thanks to our vendors for making us look good. Thanks to our freelancers for your dedication and talent. And, importantly, thanks to our employees who make d.trio the unique agency it is.  We truly are blessed.




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