By Published On: October 1, 2014


verb \ˈe-jə-ˌkāt\
: to teach (someone) especially in a school, college, or university
: to give (someone) information about something : to train (someone) to do something


With back to school underway and lots of talk about learning, I have been reflecting on how marketing has changed, like education, from a lecturing format to information sharing. This is what we do as marketers, if we do our jobs well, we educate. Particularly now as content marketers. We want to make sure our audience gets the relevant information they need in order to do their jobs better, or improve their lives. We’re not curing cancer, but we’re sharing information that we find compelling, or maybe some life hacks that just make things simpler. Marketing isn’t about shouting the loudest anymore, it’s about whispering – look at this great thing that I’ve learned – and sharing it with the world where it can do some good. If we’re lucky enough to do the things we love to do and do them well, we want to share them, and that makes it all the more enjoyable. I hope you find the information we share interesting, helpful or enjoyable and we’d love to hear your ideas for content that you’d like us to share, because we like being educated too.

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