By Published On: August 15, 2012

by: Laura Gorder, Marketing Intern

In the heart of the Midwest lies a city that is bursting with enterprise, including countless marketing agencies that reign in some of the smartest marketing professionals in the nation. In the midst of all these agencies you’ll find a small and dynamic team headed by three that have adopted me into their line-up this summer at d.trio marketing group.

There isn’t another group of individuals I would rather be spending my summer internship with. Regardless of their busy schedules packed with deadlines and client meetings, the folks at d.trio have been incredibly welcoming, thoughtful, and educational. They have taken the time to introduce me to their current projects and clients, passed along some really good advice, and have even sat me down for mini-lessons like ‘Bank Marketing 101.’ And the experiences don’t end there. Because of this internship, I have been in-depth and behind-the-scenes at a commercial printer, have the opportunity to work with freelance copy writers and designers, am involved in client presentations, and have met a handful of other vendors in the industry.

Aside from being a part of the awesome work that’s happening, the d.trio team has proven to be an entertaining bunch. With the occasional lunch dates, happy hours, and bad humor cracked in our meeting room, this agency is well-balanced and full of energy.

Because d.trio marketing group is a smaller agency, I have been able to work one-on-one with each member of the team. Everyone has been eager to get me involved in his or her departments and I am lucky enough to get my hands dirty and help projects transform through every stage of the development process. The agency’s willingness to hand-off responsibilities to me and help me grow in the marketing industry is fantastic. My experiences thus far have proven that I have wound up in a caring culture, filled with some great people.

Stay tuned to learn more about my advice to other marketing interns and what exactly my internship at d.trio marketing group has taught me this summer.

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