By Published On: December 1, 2020

Do you ever think about those machines that lift your car off the ground so mechanics can work on them? We never thought much about them either, until Vehicle Service Group (VSG) came to us for a lead generation project. They wanted to get their name in front of shop owners and promote their heavy-duty mobile column lifts. Knowing this was a small audience that could be potentially hard to reach, we developed a strategy that included a mix of digital marketing tactics, all designed to push prospects to a landing page. Messaging appealed to the needs of shop owners and mechanics, and tactics included prospecting emails, trade publication advertising, website visitor retargeting, and SEM. Our ultimate goal was to get form fills, but knowing that products of this nature have a long sales cycle, we also included several other CTAs on the page to encourage audience engagement. The campaign was a huge success and ultimately tripled the number of leads we originally projected.


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