By Published On: April 25, 2018

Face-to-face with clients

A few of us recently escaped the long Minneapolis winter to visit clients in Atlanta, GA and Richmond, VA.

In Atlanta, we celebrated the retirement of a beloved client of 12 years—we wish SunTrust Bank’s Kathleen Tucker the best in her new role as an adventurous retiree. We also met with our friends at Synchrony and got to see the finished digs of MindSparq, the chic new ideation center of our client Dover Refrigeration and Food Equipment.

In Richmond, we had a great meeting and a lively dinner at Pasture with the SunTrust Mortgage folks. So many fascinating conversations in two days, and a fun review of all the work we’ve done with them over the past 12 months.

Photos are from the MindSparq space and the ballroom in their historic Biltmore Hotel surroundings, and also from Richmond, where their beautiful spring weather had us so excited to be outside, that we forgot to take pictures inside.

Project 333

This month, our $333 donation is bittersweet. Sadly, Megan lost her mother earlier this year and in memory of Ellen Devine, we’ve made a donation to one of her favorite non-profits, The Heyde Center for the Arts, in her hometown of Chippewa Falls Wisconsin.

The Heyde Center’s mission is to provide a venue for local artists, performers, writers and creative producers to explore, grow and share their talents with others in the region and beyond. As a lifelong supporter of the arts and an established artist, Ellen supported the Heyde Center through donations, volunteering time and participation in cultural events – contributing greatly to its reputation and service to the community.


Happy birthday to Megan (3/29), Maureen (4/4), and Carol (4/5). It seems travel is the preferred way to celebrate birthdays around here. Megan went skiing in Colorado, Maureen toured around Greece, and Carol escaped to Seattle where she visited the Chihuly Garden and Glass museum and saw sculptures from the artist who is most widely recognized for his glass ceiling at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. Here are some photos from Megan and Carol. (See last month’s newsletter for Maureen’s photos from Greece).

Our latest obsession

Last month, a group of us started playing HQ trivia and now it’s become a daily routine around the office. At 2:00pm every day, we gather in the common area with our cell phones and get absolutely no work done for 15 minutes while we try and win this silly, but addicting game.

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