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There’s a bunch of news this month, and the PUPPY is at the very end, so just keep reading. Plus, you’ll learn some things about us along the way, and there’s a chance for you to tell us a little about yourself!

Project 333
Charity of the month: Love One Another
This month we’re keeping it local by supporting Love One Another, which is celebrating its 50th year of serving the homeless, poor, disadvantaged youth and their families. Love One Another was started in the Twin Cities in 1967 and is still run by a now retired inner city school teacher, Allan Law. Each night he works from 8PM to 11AM driving a route of over 50 stops, distributing food and basic necessities, along with friendship, compassion, mentorship and resources to help with emergency assistance. He also runs a youth builder program providing after school, weekend and summer recreational activities. He has received countless local and national awards and recognition, including commendations from three presidents. Well done, Allan Law.

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dreamcatcherA very Oklahoman thing to do
Last year about this time, we started working with TWG – a new client based in Tulsa, OK, that produces parts for large equipment manufacturers. We have worked with them on new branding, tradeshow materials, brochures and a new website, among other things. A few weeks ago, one of their employees was in town for business and stopped by with an unexpected gift for us – a custom-made dream catcher. Known for their Indian art, Oklahomans take their dream catchers seriously and it shows. We were humbled by this lovely gesture and are proud to display it in our meditation room. Thanks again, TWG, for the wonderful gift and for trusting us with your marketing needs over the past year.


Some things you never knew about us
You know those random questionnaires you see on Facebook (for our non-Millenial readers who still use Facebook)? We decided to create one for our employees just for fun. Below is a graphic representation of our answers and if you have 90 seconds, we’d love to get your answers to these burning questions too. We’ll post the results in our next newsletter.


Ridiculous amounts of cuteness
Maureen brought her new puppy Milo into the office. See photos. ‘nuf said.

milo2 milo1

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