By Published On: September 28, 2021

If you think accountants lead boring lives with their heads stuck in balance sheets all day long, then we’re about to prove you wrong. Meet the newest member of the d.trio team: Cecilia Clements. Hailing originally from Middletown, Ohio, Cecilia attended Wright State University and after graduating with double majors in Accounting and Finance, she accepted a job in Minneapolis and has lived here ever since.

Cecilia ran track in college, but she’s not the only talented athlete in her family. Her mom played basketball and her father and brothers played football. Her passion for track and field led her to several years of coaching at North High and her next goal is to become a track official. She also claims to be crazy good at fantasy football, thanks to her childhood days (it was Ohio, after all) and her knack for creating successful portfolios.

Sports aren’t Cecilia’s only passion. She is also an amateur photographer, a foodie, and an avid music fan. We’re thrilled to have Cecilia on board at d.trio and we can’t wait to see how this year’s fantasy football season pans out as she and Beth and Fred battle it out.

Branding and website and lead gen, oh my!

Some old friends came back to us for a new project. They just acquired a new company that’s a unique addition to their portfolio and they’ve entrusted us with a full gamut of marketing responsibilities. We’ll be conducting a branding overhaul, creating a new website, and implementing a multi-tactic lead generation campaign. The services offered by this cool new tech company are going to be a game changer for manufacturing marketers—and we can’t wait to tell them about it.

We also won a few awards recently!


Sheryl’s daughter Abby, who is in her senior year at the U of M pursuing degrees in English and Education, recently celebrated her 21st birthday. The day started with a family brunch featuring Abby’s favorite vegan foods. We didn’t get any photos from the evening celebration with Abby’s friends, but we’re guessing it was off the rails. 😉

Sheryl and her husband Jim took a quick trip to Red Wing, MN, where they took in the sights, including a stop at the Red Wing Shoe museum to see the world’s largest boot. They finished the evening at a lovely rooftop restaurant with beautiful views where Sheryl claims she had the best appetizer of her entire life – crab rangoon dip with Thai chili sauce and fried naan bread.

Megan spent some quality time with her family in Colorado. While her usual trips to the area involve slapping boards on her feet and flying down a mountain, this time she took in the snow-free serenity of Breckenridge on foot.

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