B2B research

Marketing is complicated and multi-faceted. So there’s comfort in knowing what your peers are thinking, how they’re allocating time and resources, and whether they’re reaching their goals.

So, we invested in a big research project to help you find out what B2B marketers think about all kinds of topics related to marketing and branding. And for us to understand the biggest problems our clients are facing, so we can do our jobs better too.

Scroll down for access to the full data visualization, the executive summary, and two on-demand videos—full length and supercut (if you’re short on time)—with the brains of the organization discussing the results and what they mean for you.

b2b research executive summary

The Executive Summary

This downloadable pdf presents the B2B research in easily digestible bites, including our specific goals for the survey, info about the participants, major findings, and our take on things.

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b2b research executive summary

The Full Rundown

For the true data nerd who likes to dig into the nitty gritty, the interactive visualization has everything—all the questions we asked, the audience segment details, and graphs and charts summarizing their answers.

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The Discussion Video

Two smart people—our CEO and the owner of the research company—talk through the most compelling findings of the survey. If you want to get your hands on the slide deck, you can download it for free.

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